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One of our many magic showrooms

Aladdin Books
Aladdin Books was founded in 1982 in Fullerton, California. Our brick and mortar shop began as a general used bookstore with an emphasis on movie material, magic (conjuring) and science fiction. We were fortunate to be trained in the field by two fine bookmen, Jerome Joseph and Al Ralston. We are pleased to say both are still active in the book business. The late James Lorson graciously tendered additional mentoring as well. Also of great benefit through the years were the many other bookmen who bestowed kindness on us and shared their knowledge.

We began selling on eBay in 1998. In 2007, we relocated the brick and mortar operation from downtown Fullerton to our present office/showroom/warehouse in Fulco Center. Visitors with an appointment may still partake in the ever disappearing brick and mortar used book experience. Our eBay store offers a limited selection of our inventory for browsing or shopping 24/7.

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Aladdin Books
We sell magic books, memorabilia and vintage apparatus. We also carry general books & media including laserdiscs, vhs tapes, dvds, cds and occasionally 8mm & 16mm film. Last, but not least, we deal in movie & tv posters, lobby cards, still photos, original scripts & other entertainment collectibles.

Business Location (Appointment Recommended) 406 E. Commonwealth Ave. #2; Fullerton California, 92832